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Beware of Scam Targeting Company Directors: Fake Companies House Letters

Attention, directors and business owners: a new scam has surfaced involving fraudulent letters that appear to be from Companies House, demanding payments.

These counterfeit letters are cleverly designed to resemble official correspondence from Companies House. The recipients are asked to pay £48 for “enhanced web filing” services. The letters create a sense of urgency by stating that failing to meet a seven-day deadline will result in the suspension of web filing benefits.

The intention behind this urgent deadline is to induce panic, prompting immediate action without careful consideration of the letter’s authenticity.

Companies House has issued a warning about these deceptive letters. They have clarified: “There have been reports of suspicious letters impersonating Companies House. These letters request payment for enhanced web filing access. Do not follow any instructions from these letters. They are fraudulent.”

It is essential to remain vigilant when receiving any communication, whether by post, email, or phone. Common indicators of a scam include spelling errors and hyperlinks that do not direct you to the expected website.

Companies House provides guidance on how to report these scams. Stay informed and protect your business from fraudulent activities.

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