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Switching Accountants

Changing Accountants

Partnering with an accountant, whether it’s for your business or for individual needs is an important relationship and requires a good level of trust and assurance that your needs and concerns are met.

There may be many reasons why you feel a change is needed. It’s important your accountant understands your goals and what you want from them, and that they go the extra mile to deliver.

If you no longer feel your current arrangement works for you, Cutts & Co can not only provide the services you require but our team will work to make the transition a smooth and manageable process for all parties.

Reasons to Switch: A Quick Checklist

If you’re are starting to doubt your current accounting arrangement, or you’re considering switching already, ask yourself the following questions.

Are you Receiving Value for Money?

If you’re starting to doubt the level of service you’re paying for, it’s essential to address your concerns. Take a proactive approach and explore whether there are better deals and service levels available elsewhere before making any decisions.

Are Your Business Needs Understood?

A crucial aspect is ensuring that your chosen accountant comprehensively understands your business or limited company’s requirements and future growth plans. A misunderstanding in this regard can lead to misalignment between you and your accountant, potentially affecting the quality of service.

Do You Receive Timely & Organised Tax Returns?

Efficiently managing tax returns is a fundamental part of delivering a top-notch service. Your accountants should always stay ahead of deadlines, avoiding last-minute rushes that could disrupt your work and, more importantly, hinder your business growth.

Is Your Business Outgrowing Your Accountant?

Business growth is a significant factor to consider when evaluating your accounting services. When you notice that your accounts are becoming too complex for your current accountants to handle, it’s a clear signal that it’s time to explore other options.

Has Your Accountant Outgrown You?

Conversely, there are instances when your accountant might have grown too large or impersonal for your liking. If you start feeling like just another client in a large accounting firm and your individual needs are not adequately addressed, it may be time for you to consider a switch.

Switching to Cutts and Co

Cutts & Co are a modern accountancy firm, and we employ a winning combination of innovative and proven practises with a team of helpful and dedicated experts. If you want an accountant that can help with your accounting queries or make your business goals a reality, we are the accountancy for you.

Whilst it’s important you find an accountant who can provide the services you want, if you are switching from an existing arrangement, we will work to make switching as easy as possible to ease what can be a disruptive time.

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