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Virtual FD Service

Virtual Financial Director Services

Growing businesses want to scale up their operations. This can often mean seeking funding for investment, getting a better handle of your accounts and costs and needing better forecasting and assessment on your cashflow.

For many smaller businesses these are daunting tasks to undertake whilst managing the day-to-day trading, but bringing in a financial director to handle them is not always a viable option. Even for larger businesses, stretching the budget for this role may not be possible.

An option taken up by many ambitious businesses is to seek virtual FD services. A virtual FD is an outsourced service, typically with an accountant acting as the FD on-behalf of your business.

What is a Virtual Finance Director?

A virtual finance director can be an invaluable asset to a business seeking financial expertise without the commitment of a full-time, in-house executive. Many businesses opt for a virtual finance director to access high-level financial guidance, strategic planning, and cost-effective solutions tailored to their specific needs.

This approach provides flexibility and scalability, allowing companies to tap into the expertise of a seasoned financial professional as and when required. Whether it’s optimizing financial operations, enhancing profitability, or navigating complex financial decisions, a virtual finance director offers a cost-efficient and results-driven solution for businesses looking to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace.

Why Choose a Virtual Finance Director?

A Virtual FD will be able to meet the needs of your growing business whilst offering a cost-effective and tailored service. It is the ideal option if you are looking to scale-up your business and require the skills of someone experienced in helping businesses grow and maximise their financial potential.

External Expertise That Saves You Money

A key advantage is that you’ll be able to bring in the services and level of input you need without committing to an employed FD. You may simply want someone to look over your accounting function and bookkeeping, or want someone to consult with on growth opportunities only.

Learn more about outsourcing your accounting

With that flexibility and choice, you’ll often find that outsourcing these services are far more cost effective. You’ll know your accounting and finances are being taken care of by experienced experts without needing to commit further costs.

We Can Help You Access Grants & Funding

A virtual finance director plays a pivotal role in helping businesses access grants and funds by leveraging their financial acumen and strategic insight. They can conduct thorough research to pinpoint grants, subsidies, or financial programs tailored to the business’s industry and goals.

Additionally, a virtual finance director can expertly craft compelling grant proposals, ensuring that all essential criteria are met and maximizing the chances of securing funding.

Virtual Finance Director with Cutts & Co

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