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Upcoming Changes to Companies House Filing Fees: What You Must Know

In the ever-evolving landscape of UK business regulations, a significant update is on the horizon that business owners need to be aware of. Starting 1 May 2024, Companies House is rolling out a new set of filing fees, all thanks to the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill. But what does this mean for your business, and how can you brace yourself for the impact? Let’s break it down.

Overview of Changes

At the heart of these updates is a comprehensive adjustment in the fee structure for both digital and paper submissions. This includes a range of services from incorporation and annual confirmation statements to name changes and re-registration of companies. The goal is to streamline operations, introduce cutting-edge technology, and bolster the UK’s defenses against economic crime.

Reasons For the Changes

The push for these changes is twofold: enhancing data accuracy and stepping up the fight against economic crime. By adjusting the fees, Companies House aims to cover the costs of deploying new technologies that promise more secure and efficient processing. This is a move that not only modernizes the filing process but also tightens the net on fraudulent activities.

Impact on Businesses

For businesses, this means it’s time to revisit your budget and compliance strategies. The updated fee structure will require some financial planning, especially for businesses that rely heavily on paper submissions, which may see a more significant increase in costs.

Preparing for the Changes

Adapting to these changes requires a proactive approach. Start by reviewing the specific fee adjustments and evaluating how they’ll impact your business operations. It might be the perfect time to consider shifting towards digital submissions if you haven’t already, as these tend to be more cost-effective under the new structure.


To help you navigate through these updates, here are a few quick answers to common questions:

  • When will the new fees take effect? The changes are set to begin on 1 May 2024.
  • Will digital submissions be cheaper than paper? Yes, the trend continues where digital submissions offer a more economical option compared to paper submissions.
  • Can I see a list of the new prices? For more detailed information on the fee adjustments and how to prepare, you can visit the official announcement.

Wrapping It Up

The upcoming changes to Companies House filing fees mark a significant shift in how businesses will manage their filings and compliance. By understanding these changes and preparing accordingly, your business can transition smoothly without any financial surprises. Remember, staying informed and adaptable is key in navigating the ever-changing business regulations landscape. If you have questions or want more information about how to prepare for these changes, get in touch with our expert business accountants today.

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