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What Does the General Election Result Mean for You and Your Business?

The recent general election has resulted in a significant victory for the Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, marking a dramatic shift in the UK’s political landscape. This change brings various implications for businesses across the country, from small enterprises to large corporations. Here’s what you need to know about how this result may affect your business:

Economic Policies and Funding

One of the central themes of Labour’s campaign was economic reform aimed at boosting growth and providing more robust support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The “Growth Guarantee Scheme” announced earlier this year, which offers financial support to businesses, is expected to continue but may see modifications to extend its benefits beyond the initial 2026 deadline. This scheme has already facilitated significant funding, providing SMEs with much-needed liquidity during challenging times​ (Small Business UK)​.

Employment Law Reforms

Labour’s victory heralds substantial changes in employment law. Key proposals include granting full employment rights from the first day of work, which will affect hiring practices and employee management. These changes are designed to enhance worker protections, including sick pay, holiday pay, and parental leave, from the outset of employment​ (Small Business UK)​. Businesses will need to adapt their HR policies to comply with these new regulations, potentially increasing administrative responsibilities and costs.

Taxation and Financial Regulation

Businesses should prepare for potential changes in taxation and financial regulation. Labour has indicated plans to review and possibly increase taxes on capital gains and high incomes, aiming to redistribute wealth more equitably. This could affect investment strategies and financial planning for businesses and their owners. Additionally, reforms aimed at simplifying access to public contracts and addressing unpaid invoices are expected to provide SMEs with more financial stability and planning certainty​ (9News)​​ (Small Business UK)​.

Regional and Industrial Strategy

Labour’s manifesto includes a focus on reducing regional disparities and promoting a comprehensive industrial strategy that supports businesses across the UK. This could lead to increased investment in infrastructure and local economies, benefiting businesses in underserved areas by providing better access to resources and markets​ (Small Business UK)​.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Recognising the importance of mental health, Labour plans to increase support for mental health services, which can positively impact both employees and business owners. Enhanced mental health resources are expected to contribute to a more resilient and productive workforce, benefiting overall business performance​ (Small Business UK)​.

Market Reactions

The markets have generally reacted positively to Labour’s win, reflecting a degree of stability and predictability expected under the new government. However, businesses should stay alert to ongoing political developments and their potential economic implications, as the new administration addresses the challenges of economic recovery and social cohesion​ (Financial Times)​​ (9News)​.


The Labour Party’s victory under Keir Starmer introduces a new era of policies aimed at promoting economic growth, enhancing worker rights, and supporting regional development. Businesses should prepare for these changes by reviewing their employment practices, financial strategies, and regional operations to align with the upcoming regulatory landscape. Staying informed and proactive will be crucial for navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by this new political environment.

For personalised advice on how these changes may specifically impact your business, feel free to reach out to us at Cutts and Co Accountants. We are here to help you navigate these transitions smoothly and effectively.

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